Bringing Labour Market Perspectives to TTRA

Tourism HR Canada is delighted to announce that Ying Zhou, Research Analyst, has been selected to join the board of directors for the Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA), Canada Chapter.

The non-profit organization is dedicated to individuals interested in advancing the quality and effectiveness of tourism research and marketing and fosters the value and use of research in the marketing, planning, and development of tourism in Canada.

Ying is eager to contribute to TTRA from a tourism labour market perspective. She will serve on the TTRA board for two years, during which time she will participate in meetings and conferences, help with conference planning, and be actively involved in one or more committees.

A graduate of the University of Guelph with a Master of Science degree in Hospitality, Food, and Tourism Management, Ying has developed and conducted tourism research related to tourism destination marketing. She received the Graduate Researcher Award from TTRA in 2021.

After graduation, she joined Tourism HR Canada as a research project analyst. Focusing on tourism labour market trends and issues, she works closely with tourism associations across Canada to produce tourism labour market reports based on data from Statistics Canada, and findings from surveys and focus groups. In the reports, recommendations are made to policymakers, labour market organizations and advocacy groups, education and training providers, and tourism employers, which aim to help with their strategic planning initiatives.

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