Educator Tools

Whether you are looking for information on tourism employment or assistance with curriculum design, we have the resources to help you and your students excel.

Curriculum Support

Access a wide range of learning tools through our Emerit brand.

The SPARK Tourism Educator Resource Guide outlines how to:

  • Develop or adapt curriculum
  • Facilitate student learning
  • Be industry responsive
  • Incorporate common program benchmarks
  • Provide unique programming and specializations beyond common program benchmarks

Educators across the country use National Occupational Standards to inform and update their tourism and hospitality programs with the most current practices. These manuals describe the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be considered competent in an occupation. They are set by seasoned industry professionals from across the country—so they reflect actual workplace conditions and current issues. Visit Emerit to view the full list of occupations.

Secondary-Level Programming

Learn about the high school curriculum and classroom resources available through our Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism.

Trends and Analysis

Explore our labour market information to see which regions most need workers and which jobs are most in demand.

Career and Skills Exploration

Use Discover Tourism’s interactive features to show your students the breadth of tourism and hospitality careers available and which skills will help them succeed.

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