Canadian University Tourism Coalition (CUTC)

Canadian University Tourism Coalition (CUTC)

Canadian tourism universities are committed to building a professional, ethical, sustainable, and inclusive workforce in the tourism sector, across all five of the five industries (food and beverage services, accommodations, travel services, transportation, and recreation and entertainment).

The vision of the Canadian University Tourism Coalition (CUTC) is to promote the professionalism and credibility of a highly qualified Canadian workforce, in Canada and beyond.

CUTC’s mission is to work collaboratively to achieve academic excellence in tourism studies and to further elevate the image, profile, and influence of tourism as a distinct and professional field of practice. CUTC will accomplish its vision by developing the next generation of hospitality and tourism professionals, by engaging stakeholders and beneficiaries, by conducting impactful research, and by fostering teaching excellence.

Goals and Objectives

To foster collaboration among CUTC members in delivering university-level tourism programs.

To encourage members to seek accreditation with the industry-aligned SMART+ program tailored to the industry employment needs.

To engage with industry stakeholders and seek their partnership in ensuring that future workers and leaders in the sector have the requisite skills to sustain and develop the sector.

To promote professionalism, credibility, and ethical practices.

To advance the principles of inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

To honour our Indigenous partners by broadening our inclusion of Indigenous perspectives in tourism programing.

To commit to providing experiential education opportunities within the tourism sector, ensuring accessibility, and making these more widely available to students.

To support and facilitate program mobility by fostering collaboration agreements and partnerships between institutions.

To prioritize and conduct research relevant to the tourism sector, to tourism employment, to workforce development, and to tourism education.

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