Hiring International Talent

Facing a very tight labour market, many businesses may be feeling squeezed as they look to ramp up their workforce to meet increasing visitor demand. Particularly for operators whose tried-and-true methods of local recruitment just aren’t pulling in the usual numbers of staff, the coming surge in demand for your services may be tipping the scales from ‘exciting’ into ‘terrifying’. 

Tourism HR Canada has created a series of infographics that cover tips and resources to help you meet your staffing needs. The first is a general reminder of some of the ways that you can tap into networks of people already in your community who are looking for work. Six others are intended to help you navigate some of the immigration programs available.

Applying to hire an international worker can seem intimidating, particularly if you do a deep-dive straight into the legalistic language on application sites—but for the most part, the programs aren’t as complex as they might seem. There are several different sources of international talent out there, above and beyond the Temporary Foreign Worker Program that you’re probably familiar with. Now is the moment to explore these options.

These documents are provided as guides only, and shouldn’t be taken as legal advice on immigration matters. They include a number of links to various official sources that can provide more technical or specific advice on your individual circumstances or needs.

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