Tourism is everywhere. And whether you’re looking for a rewarding career or a flexible job opportunity, you’ll find an opportunity that’s right for you in tourism—one of Canada’s fastest growing industries.

Did you know that there are 

1 million
people employed

in tourism-related occupations in Canada?

That’s over

1 %
of the entire canadian Workforce

Tourism is the third largest employer of Canadians, employing more individuals that manufacturing, education services, or construction.

The tourism industry has an advantage over other industries because its selection of occupations numbers well over 400. Tourism jobs offer plenty of opportunities for advancement, widely transferable skills, and ongoing training. And of course, the industry is known as an exciting, flexible, and friendly place to find a job or build a career.

While tourism has always been a gateway to the world of work, the industry also offers lifelong career opportunities in challenging, interesting, fast-paced occupations that require people with a wide variety of skills and capabilities.

From sales and marketing to guest services, accounting, events, maintenance, management, fitness, housekeeping, catering, entertainment, or grounds management, the list of opportunities goes on. Check out the possibilities—and discover why tourism is right for you.

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