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An innovative competency framework for Canada's tourism sector.

Every region in Canada has something unique to offer its visitors — that’s why Tourism HR Canada has partnered with tourism experts from across the country to create the Workforce Management Engine. Our interactive engine helps professionals and organizations apply industry standards in ways that best suit their needs.

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The world never stops changing, and neither will Canada's tourism sector.

Our framework was developed in partnership with industry experts to meet the challenges of tourism’s current and future trends. With an ever-growing library of over 400 unique competencies, the Workforce Management Engine will contribute to a diverse, inclusive, and resilient workforce for years to come.

The Workforce Management Engine's competency framework helps tourism organizations of all shapes and sizes address their HR needs.

Communicate job expectations in objective, observable terms.

Reliably and consistently assess job applicants.

Create reusable job ads and interview guides.

Map detailed career development plans.

Accurately gauge employee performance.

Identify and address performance gaps.

Develop training programs that align with industry needs.

The Workforce Management Engine is designed for:


Recruit and hire the strongest candidates. Streamline onboarding and training. Accurately assess performance and improve retention.


Create up-to-date training programs. Align curricula with current and emerging workplace expectations. Prepare today's workers for tomorrow's conditions.

Tourism industry HR organizations

Provide consistent work guidelines to employers. Give HR professionals access to useful tools. Strengthen the local workforce.

Access the Workforce Management Engine, and start using our Tourism Competency Framework.

The Workforce Management Engine contains:

National Occupational Standards (NOS)

NOS are industry-validated job profiles, made up of the competencies relevant to a particular tourism occupation. They represent the national benchmark for a specific job, and act as ready-to-use occupational guidelines for organizations across the sector.

Tourism Competency Framework

The Tourism Competency Framework is our comprehensive library of competencies for Canada's tourism sector. It reflects the skills and knowledge required for success across all tourism occupations, and is a way to assess individuals across the workforce — no matter their role.

Tools to meet your workforce needs.

The Workforce Management Engine includes a suite of interactive tools that allow users to activate the Tourism Competency Framework’s benefits:

Build accurate job descriptions with ease to help recruit and retain the right employees for your organization.

Users can choose an NOS for a tourism occupation, then tailor it to their unique requirements in the form of a competency-based job template. This template includes the purpose of a job, its responsibilities, and the competencies necessary for continued success.

How it works

  • Select your desired NOS.
  • Add or remove competencies as best reflects the job as it exists within your organization.
  • Create a profile for occupations not covered by an existing National Occupational Standard to help your organization meet its unique workforce needs.

    Users can choose the NOS that most closely resembles their organization’s occupations, and then create their own occupational profiles that identify the required competencies.

    How it works

  • Select a National Occupational Standard as your foundation.
  • Freely change it until it accurately describes your unique job.
  • Explore the similarities and differences between two occupations to help individuals plan their tourism careers.

    Users can select any industry-validated NOS and generate a report showing the competencies it shares with another occupation. This report can then be used to assist individuals with career planning or exploration.

    How it works

  • Select the occupations you want to compare.
  • Generate the report.
  • Explore a detailed breakdown of shared competencies.
  • Evaluate an individual’s abilities in relation to an NOS or a customized occupational profile to accurately assess whether they possess the required competencies.

    Users can select the tourism occupation of their choice, then generate a list of competencies necessary to be successful in this position. This checklist can then be used to identify the competencies an employee possesses, promotion readiness, or areas for development.

    How it works

  • Select either an NOS or a customized profile.
  • Generate a list of required competencies.
  • Rate each competency on a five-point scale.
  • A competency-based approach to workforce management allows tourism stakeholders to unlock new opportunities for growth and quickly respond to changing industry needs.

    The Workforce Management Engine ensures that these competencies can be applied in ways that reflect the unique conditions faced by each region, organization, and occupation.

    Questions about the Workforce Management Engine?

    Contact Tourism HR Canada at

    For over 30 years, Tourism HR Canada has helped build a world-leading tourism sector in Canada.

    We support businesses, educators, government agencies, and other stakeholders to foster a dynamic and resilient workforce. Our efforts promote industry-wide cooperation and alignment, helping organizations address workforce challenges across the country. The Workforce Management Engine is industry developed and ratified, and will work to ensure a sustainable future for Canada’s tourism sector.

    If you have any further questions about the Workforce Management Engine or would like to arrange personalized advising, contact us at

    Access the Workforce Management Engine, and forge your future in the Canadian tourism sector.

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