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Setting the standard for nearly 30 years, Emerit offers resources designed by industry, for industry.

Tourism HR Canada works hand-in-hand with industry, small businesses, education institutions, and large corporate enterprises, to ensure Emerit programs reflect the most current skills, knowledge, and practices required to ensure Canada’s tourism workforce remains a competitive world leader.

Successful business owners and managers know that well-trained employees have a positive effect on customer service, leading to increased revenue, improved job satisfaction, and high morale, which in turn lead to decreased turnover and costs associated with hiring and training new staff members. Thousands of successful tourism professionals have improved their skills and knowledge and advanced their careers with Emerit.

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National Occupational Standards (NOS) are manuals listing the skills and knowledge required to be successful in an occupation, and are available for a wide range of tourism professions. Emerit NOS represent what real employers look for in new hires, and reflect actual workplace conditions and current issues affecting the occupation. Thousands of tourism professionals from across Canada contributed to the development of Emerit’s National Occupational Standards. 

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Online learning offers the ultimate in easy-to-use, portable, and engaging skill development—for job seekers, frontline workers, supervisors, owners, operators, and entrepreneurs. Emerit courses are available as modules, allowing learners to focus on specific skills.

All Emerit training is focused on building real skills—not just memorizing information. Training from Emerit is flexible—it can be used in the workplace, in the classroom, and for self-directed study.

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When employees are certified through Emerit, they earn a prestigious, national credential that identifies them as a true professional in their occupation, and recognizes the skills, knowledge, pride, and dedication they have brought to their career—and to your business.

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Emerit Work Readiness programs offer individuals flexible options to gain a competitive edge as they start their employment journey. Two programs are available: Workplace Essentials eLearning and the Work-Ready credential. Choose from one or both options—whatever best suits your goals.

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