Workforce Strategy

Tourism Sector Compensation

If you want to attract, recruit, and retain skilled workers for peak performance in your workplace, you need to know that your total compensation package is competitive.

Business Intelligence Survey Report

To assess labour market needs and support industry recovery, Tourism HR Canada is conducting a series of business intelligence surveys.

The Role of Immigration Policy in Addressing Labour Market Shortages in the Tourism Sector

To address current and future labour shortages in tourism, Canada must take a comprehensive look at its immigration policies. This paper puts forward recommendations and an action plan.

Perceptions of Tourism as a Place of Employment in Canada

Survey results show how volatility in the tourism job market has impacted its attractiveness as a place of employment and career path.

Tourism’s Double-Barrelled Labour Challenge: Barriers to Employment and Skills Mismatches

This paper examines some of the barriers to employment and skills-related issues facing tourism businesses and offers suggestions to approach the problem.

The Global Survey on Perspectives of Service Delivery and Traveller Priorities

Globally, the tourism sector is facing a massive shortage of trained staff. How aware of this are travellers and how does this impact their travel choices?

Labour Market Projections

State of the Industry Snapshots

These national and provincial reports will give you some big-picture background for your own operations and a baseline against which you can plan for, and evaluate, the coming months.

Projections of Tourism Employment Demand

A full-length report and suite of industry-specific factsheets model labour supply and demand projections into 2025 for the tourism sector, including projections by occupation and by region.

Post-COVID Future of the Tourism Workforce

This report offers an in-depth look at the systemic issues facing the tourism sector’s labour force and recommendations to make the tourism sector more sustainable and resilient.

COVID-19 Impact on Tourism Employment to 2025

When the pandemic struck, tourist activity plunged to unimagined levels. This report explores the impact on employment, considering not only demand from tourists, but also the local spending component.

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