Looking for up-to-date information on the state of tourism? Each year, Tourism HR Canada conducts, updates, and publishes several major reports containing the most recent data of interest to members of the tourism sector.

Tourism HR Canada started a new three-year tourism labour research project in November 2017. Thanks to the generosity of Employment and Social Development Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program, Tourism HR Canada will undertake the research necessary to help minimize labour and skills imbalances and shortages, and ensure Canada’s tourism sector remains globally competitive and innovative.

Tourism HR Canada’s research project contains seven specific initiatives.

To get involved, email research@tourismhr.ca.

Tourism Facts

View the latest high-level information on Canada’s tourism sector.

Tourism by Federal Riding

We provide data from the 2016 census on the number of tourism jobs in all 338 federal electoral ridings.

Who Works in Tourism

The census is the most detailed source of data on the people who work in the tourism sector.

Tourism Shortages: Jobs to Fill

In 2018, Canada welcomed a record 21 million international visitors. As tourism becomes a greater part of Canada’s economy, it increases the demand for workers in our sector.

Tourism Labour Force Survey

The labour force survey is the only source of monthly employment estimates. We provide tourism-specific cuts of labour force survey data so our stakeholders can understand the latest employment trends in the sector.

Rapid reSearch Tool

Access to data when you need it, in the form you want it. The Rapid reSearch Tool is a simple user interface that allows you to access data from a number of datasets, including the census, labour force survey, and Provincial/Territorial Human Resource Module.

Human Resource Module

Developed by Statistics Canada, the Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) is a world-leading economic account of tourism activity which highlights the economic activity recorded in the System of National Accounts that relates to tourism.

What's New

We are constantly combing our datasets and examining the latest research on the tourism labour market. We report on our activities here—see what we’ve been up to.

Additional Sources for Canadian Tourism Research

For the past several years, Tourism HR Canada has been looking at the feasibility of measuring and improving productivity in the tourism sector.