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Unleash Tourism’s Potential: New Survey on Tourism Outlook and Labour Issues

The recent growth of tourism activity in Canada has attracted a renewed focus on the sector by various stakeholders, including government. Despite this renewed focus, tourism businesses continue to struggle with a range of issues that require attention.

To determine the extent of these issues, Tourism HR Canada and The Conference Board of Canada are undertaking a Tourism Outlook and Labour Issues Survey—part of a wider tourism labour supply and demand study. The study will highlight the most significant issues facing tourism businesses today and into the future and quantify the degree to which labour issues have already impacted the sector—and will continue to do so.

Your answers will allow us to highlight those issues that not only impact your competitiveness but also cause the sector to underperform relative to its true potential.

We invite tourism businesses to participate in the Tourism Outlook and Labour Issues Survey. It will only take about ten minutes. Please click here to share your perspective on tourism and labour issues.

To stay informed on the release of the survey results and the study, subscribe to Tourism HR Insider.

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