Webinar: A Blended Workforce

Join Tourism HR Canada and the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO) for the final event in a special set of one-hour webinars: the Building a Resilient & Vibrant Workforce series.

A Blended Workforce takes place Tuesday, June 13, at noon Eastern.

With the tourism sector facing a serious staffing shortfall, employers need to get creative – and smarter – in how we build and sustain our workforce. Learning to get by with a smaller and nimbler staff is not just necessary – it’s potentially transformative. We have the opportunity to rethink our recruitment strategies, restructure how our teams work together, and re-imagine the products that we offer. As we move towards a new normal of a fluid and dynamic labour force, fostering a focus on skills and competencies rather than jobs will allow us to reach the untapped potential of everyone we work with.

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Recordings of the previous sessions are available:

Building A Seasonal Workforce: Learn why—and how—to hire international talent.

Building a Team That Stays: Learn the top three HR problems facing our industry, seven practical steps you can take today to create a workplace that attracts and retains talent—and why investing in people is good for business.

How Much Should I Pay?: Figuring out compensation is a balancing act. The question of what to pay always weighs heavily on tourism operators, particularly in today’s tight labour market. Is it all about dollars and cents? Or are there ways that you can re-imagine your total compensation package that will keep you competitive without breaking the bank?

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