Identifying Key Business Concerns for Action: 2020 Survey

As we begin a new year and look forward to this year’s Labour Market Forum, Tourism HR Canada is taking the current pulse of the labour market from the perspective of tourism businesses.

Our 2020 Tourism Outlook and Labour Issues Survey is now live.

We ask a few questions about the effects of the current economic climate on your tourism business, particularly with respect to your labour needs. We also ask about your expectations for the coming years.

The goal: to assist the tourism sector in preparing for what lies ahead.

The survey will take 10 minutes of your time.

The information provided by respondents will be treated in the strictest confidence. You will not be identified in the report and the feedback you provide will remain completely anonymous.

We will continue to promote the 2020 Tourism Outlook and Labour Issues Survey via our newsletter and social media channels. We invite our partner industry associations to further our reach by distributing our call for participation to their own members.

To complete the survey in English, click here.

Pour répondre à cette enquête en français, cliquez ici.


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