Aligning Skills with Changing Workplace Demands

The Future Skills Framework has kicked off 2020 with two focus groups to continue its validation of the framework with the real-life experiences of industry professionals.

In late January, tourism experts with strong qualifications in finance—including CFOs, CPAs, and additional related designations—met in Calgary to review the areas of the framework concerned with the management and implementation of budgets, cash control procedures, payroll, and other tasks in the realm of finance and accounting.

As this article went to press, a dozen industry experts in Winnipeg were meeting to feed back on the framework from their perspectives. Participants with a wide variety of backgrounds, representing six provinces’ worth of insights into sales and marketing, are currently making sure that the competencies in their field of expertise—ranging from developing a marketing strategy to managing online presence—captured what it takes for tourism operators to successfully market their offering.

The Future Skills team will hold further sessions in Ottawa and Toronto in late February, aiming to review the framework’s sections on sustainability, cleanliness, risk management, and business management. If you are a tourism professional with insight into any of these areas and would like to be part of future-proofing the industry’s labour market, please get in touch.

These sessions contributed towards the FUTURE SKILLS FRAMEWORK, a multi-year project aiming to develop a comprehensive framework to redress the skills and labour mismatches in tourism while aiding job seekers, educators, and governments to better understand the skills and competencies employers are looking for. To learn more about the project, click here.

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