Explore Tourism’s Employment Impact: Federal Riding Maps Updated

Tourism HR Canada has received updated data on the number of jobs in each of Canada’s 338 federal ridings and has made them available on our website.

The 2016 census counted over 1.8 million Canadians working in tourism, which was 10.6% of all employed individuals in the country.

The data has been mapped, allowing you to search the country for your riding and learn how many people work in tourism and what percentage of the labour force they make up.

Nationally, tourism workers make up anywhere from 6.1% of the labour force in Tobique—Mactaquac, up to 25% of workers in Niagara Falls, where the census counted 15,820 tourism workers.

From the Maritimes to Montreal to Vancouver, tourism employs a significant share of the labour force in each riding across this country. On the maps, brighter orange shows a higher concentration of tourism workers in a given ridings.

Maritimes Tourism Employment
Montreal Tourism Employment
Vancouver Tourism Employment


Find out how important tourism is in your riding.

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