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The Destination Employment program helped newcomers gain meaningful employment in Canadian hotels, giving them the experience to build a successful future in Canada.

Having come to a close in March 2021, this pilot initiative was a win-win for both hoteliers and newcomers. Pre-pandemic, hoteliers were faced with difficulties filling job vacancies, and newcomers needed opportunities to find employment once they settled in Canada.

In addition, the program was a win for the Government of Canada, as it provided a new approach to help integrate newcomers (including refugees) and created an opportunity for them to obtain their first Canadian workplace experience. The program may be replicated in other areas of the tourism sector or in other sectors of the economy looking for labour.

Explore below for an overview of the program, or head over to the Destination Employment microsite for full details, success stories, free training, career resources, and more!

Newcomers: Explore the Hotel Industry

The Destination Employment microsite continues to offer a host of resources for those looking at what a career in the hotel industry can offer.

Click below to access:

  • Career profiles
  • Free Hospitality Essentials online training
  • Newcomer success stories

Regional Delivery Partners

Tourism HR Canada and the Hotel Association of Canada thank the following key Destination Employment delivery partners for making the initiative a success:

Yukon: Yukon Tourism Education Council (YTEC)

Alberta: Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA)

Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC)

Ontario: Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC)

Atlantic Canada: Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council (NSTHRC)

To learn more about the outcomes of the Destination Employment program, please contact Tourism HR Canada:

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