Enrich Your Organization by Hiring Skilled Refugees

The Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) was created by the Government of Canada to give employers access to an untapped pool of qualified candidates to fill job openings: skilled refugees.

The EMPP gives employers an avenue to address their labour market needs and empowers them to emphasize diverse representation in their organizations, while offering refugees an opportunity to restart their careers and safely rebuild their lives with their families in Canada.

The EMPP facilitates the immigration process for both employers and displaced talent, allowing skilled refugees to move to Canada as permanent residents and start working right away.

Several partnering non-governmental organizations support the EMPP by connecting skilled refugees and employers, including Talent Beyond Boundaries.

About Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB)

Talent Beyond Boundaries is building a world where displaced people can safely migrate for work and fully realize their potential.

As a trusted partner in implementing the EMPP, TBB’s mission is to help refugees who have talents that are in demand in Canada find employment in businesses where their skills are sorely needed.

TBB hosts a database of over 65,000 skilled refugees in its Talent Catalog, many of whom have the necessary experience to address tourism organizations’ labour needs in a variety of occupations and skill levels. TBB is working with a growing community of employer partners in Canada to fill talent gaps across a variety of industries and has helped over 200 people secure durable solutions to their displacement.

Why Hire with TBB?

Hiring with TBB makes hidden talent visible to employers and removes the complexity from the international recruitment and relocation process.

Its model is also employer-led: its team works collaboratively with the private sector to demonstrate the potential of refugee talent, because businesses recognize the labour gaps in their community and can call attention to opportunities for long-term employment for skilled refugees interested in moving to Canada. It’s a unique opportunity to address talent gaps while having genuine humanitarian impact.

Contact TBB

To learn more about how hiring displaced talent with TBB, please contact the organization via its hiring form

For additional information on hiring international talent, see Tourism HR Canada’s suite of Hiring International Talent infographics.

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