Perception Survey Launched: Indigenous Canadians’ Views on Tourism

For all that Canada brands itself an inclusive, multicultural society, we seem very happy to ignore the voices and experiences of Indigenous Peoples. The tourism sector is no exception. In spite of the breadth and strength of Indigenous tourism in Canada, and the potential it has for guiding us towards reconciliation, Indigenous voices have been conspicuously absent from many of the research projects that have been undertaken. This means that Indigenous perspectives on tourism—as a cultural enterprise and as an economic driver—are not taken into consideration as we develop the tools and recommendations to support the tourism labour market through these difficult times.

Tourism HR Canada has launched a short survey that is intended to redress, or begin to redress, some of those shortcomings. The questions were developed in collaboration with the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC), who generously donated cultural expertise and financial incentives for respondents. The intention is to establish a foundational understanding of Indigenous Peoples’ perceptions of tourism, as both a place of employment or entrepreneurship, and as a medium through which Indigenous knowledge and heritage can be celebrated and shared.

We hope to build on the findings of this initial survey, through careful collaboration with our Indigenous partners across Canada, to deepen our understanding of Indigenous tourism and of Indigenous participation in the broader tourism labour force. We will use these insights to design and develop tools and resources appropriate for Indigenous workers and Indigenous businesses, and to strengthen the ties between Tourism HR Canada’s research agenda and Indigenous Peoples, communities, and businesses across Canada.

We are looking to gather as many perspectives as possible, and invite Indigenous Peoples from across the country, of any background, regardless of their experience working in tourism, to participate in the survey. Respondents will be invited to enter into a draw to win one of three $500 Visa gift cards, in recognition of their time, knowledge, and support for the project.

The survey is available in English and French, and will take around 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Take the English survey

Take the French survey  

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