Priorities for Tackling Labour Challenges in Tourism

Tackling the labour challenges impacting Canada’s tourism sector will involve many strategies. Better utilization of tailored resources and supports, along with adapting business models and improving HR practices will be essential, but not enough. Addressing structural constraints requires an advocacy focus to better align public policy to meet both short-term and long-term labour needs in tourism.

Learn more at the upcoming Tourism Congress, as Huw Williams, President, Impact Public Affairs, facilitates the National Policy Forum: Priorities for Tackling Labour Challenges in Tourism. Taking place November 30 at the Westin Ottawa, this session aims to provide delegates the opportunity to help shape the Tourism Industry Association of Canada’s advocacy priorities over the coming year to address chronic and systemic labour challenges.

Objectives will be outlined, the role of advocacy—including the key players—will be reviewed, and the issue will be presented and then discussed by an expert panel representing different sectors of the industry. And, lastly, a draft advocacy strategy framework will be presented for deliberation and reaction from delegates.

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