Flatten Your Business Learning Curve – Get Back to Basics with Tourism Business Builders

The Tourism HR Canada team is proud to announce the launch of its Tourism Business Builders online program, developed specifically for tourism and hospitality entrepreneurs. This much-anticipated update moves the renowned program to a fully online offering, allowing for 24/7 access on the organization’s emerit.ca learning platform and the flexibility to quickly add content as new needs and priorities arise.

The timing of this launch is fortuitous: businesses who have been the most adversely impacted by COVID are not only looking at recovery, but in many cases a complete restart to their operations. While reviving a business is generally not a process an entrepreneur wants to contend with, it does present opportunities to re-assess priorities, including product and service offerings, audiences, financing, and marketing.

Now these same businesses can access this brand new “how-to” resource, which contains nine comprehensive modules on business fundamentals and dozens of practical tools, including Excel templates and PDF worksheets…all FREE for a limited time.

Tourism Business Builders will retail for $199.00, but as part of Tourism HR Canada’s recovery strategy, the organization will offer it free of charge until September 1, 2021, to assist tourism business owners, operators, and prospective entrepreneurs.

Tourism businesses need support now more than ever, and this special offer adds to Tourism HR Canada’s recovery efforts. These include the free suite of resources available at TourismRecovery.ca and the free Emerit online occupational training offered earlier in the pandemic (with over 5,000 courses accessed).

Tourism Business Builders contains comprehensive online modules that cover such core topics as:

  • Creating Your Product
  • Financial Management
  • Staffing Matters
  • Marketing
  • The Customer
  • Managing Operations

As self-directed resources, these modules will help business owners/operators to review and revamp current planning and management practices. Entrepreneurs looking to launch a new tourism operation can work through the series to prepare a solid business plan and learn how to successfully run a tourism business—from start-up planning to day-to-day operations.

The interactive learning modules are augmented by templates that cover core financial content like balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income statements. Additionally, customizable PDF templates assist in product development, marketing, customer service, HR activities, and numerous other business essentials.

Used in conjunction with TourismRecovery.ca and emerit.ca training for numerous tourism and hospitality occupations, owners/operators can build a strong business recovery and reengagement plan that covers all the basics needed to steer towards success.

Access Tourism Business Builders for free at emerit.ca

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