Business Builders: Restarting Tourism with Confidence

Tourism HR Canada has long led the way in offering innovative, industry-vetted training and small business resources for Canada’s tourism operators, workers, and students. As our hard-hit industry sees a glimmer of hope for reopening, access to skills development will be vital to welcoming back visitors with world-class customer service and unique experiences.

Coming next month: a full update to one of its core Emerit brand of tools, Business Builders.

This refreshed online resource will help support small and medium-sized businesses as they look to develop strategies to prepare for the restarting and recovery of the tourism and hospitality economy—and beyond.

Business Builders is an exceptional business-in-a-box start-up kit. The modules will walk owners, operators, and entrepreneurs step-by-step through all the business processes and tasks needed to set up a smooth operation.

Business Builders is divided into nine separate modules:

  1. Introduction, including Top 10 Things to Know About Running a Tourism Business
  2. The Industry
  3. Getting Started, including Feasibility of Starting a Business and Creating a Business Plan
  4. Creating Your Product
  5. Financial Management
  6. Staffing Matters
  7. Marketing
  8. The Customer
  9. Managing Operations

As self-directed resource guides, these modules will help business owners and operators to review their current planning and management practices. Entrepreneurs planning to launch a new tourism operation can work through the series to prepare a solid business plan and learn how to successfully run a tourism business – from start-up planning to day-to day operations.

While many areas of Canada continue to face challenges and restrictions because of COVID, there are signs of recovery as the vaccine rollout ramps up. Pent-up demand for tourism and hospitality products and services will result in an influx of visitors and locals seeking new experiences. Business Builders can help with launching a start-up or revamping an existing offering to meet this demand with confidence.

Watch Tourism HR Insider for the launch of Business Builders in April—and in the meantime, be sure to visit for a practical, no-cost web program designed to help tourism operators confidently build a resilient workforce and rebound from COVID-19.

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