Webinar: Workforce Shortfall – And What It Takes to Restart Canada’s Tourism Workforce

Tourism HR Canada has been tracking the impacts of COVID on the tourism workforce, and the fallout on GDP and consumer confidence. Other research in collaboration with the Conference Board focuses on labour projections: by sector, by region, and more. Tourism is facing staggering employment losses that far exceed the overall economy, and projections suggest these losses will hamper the sector’s ability to rebound and recover from COVID.

Join us this Friday, January 15, at 2 PM Eastern for Workforce Shortfall, our first webinar of 2021. We’ll explore the most up-to-date data on workforce trends, what to anticipate for labour challenges over the next year, and recommendations on policies and programs to help the sector restart its workforce. The session will be one hour in duration.

To see our previous ‘state of the workforce’ update, please visit our YouTube channel.

Click here to register for the Workforce Shortfall (And What It Takes to Restart Canada’s Tourism Workforce) webinar.

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