Just Released: Key Benchmark for Tourism Employment

Commissioned by Tourism HR Canada and produced by Statistics Canada, the Tourism Human Resource Module (previously the Provincial-Territorial Human Resource Module), provides statistics on the number of full-year jobs in the tourism sector. This information will provide an important benchmark against which to study our sector during the COVID-19 era.

The most recent update of the Tourism HRM shows there were over 1.9 million full-year jobs in the tourism sector in 2019.

The Tourism HRM provides statistics for the entire sector and each of its five industry groups. This includes data on jobs, hours worked, compensation, and educational attainment. These statistics are available by sex, by work status, by age group, by immigrant status, and by occupation.

The number of jobs reported in the Tourism HRM is different from the job numbers reported by Statistics Canada’s National Tourism Indictors (NTI).

The NTI reports on “jobs due to tourism”. These are all the jobs in Canada supported by the money tourists spend, and includes some jobs outside the tourism sector.

The Tourism HRM reports on “jobs in tourism industries”. These are all the jobs within all five tourism industry groups that can be further subdivided into the 29 specific industries that are considered part of the tourism sector. Many of these jobs are supported by spending by local residents, particularly in industries such as food and beverage services and recreation and entertainment, which derive significant revenues from locals as well as tourists.

Figure 1: Jobs in Tourism Industries vs Jobs Attributed to Tourism Demand

Below we highlight some of the key information from the 2019 Tourism Human Resource Module. A further summary of key statistics is available from Statistics Canada and the complete dataset will be uploaded to our Rapid reSearch resource shortly. Subscribe to Tourism HR Insider to be the first to know when this data is available.

For specific data requests, please email research@tourismhr.ca.

Highlights from the 2019 Tourism Human Resource Module

Figure 2: Tourism Jobs – Total by Province and Territory (2019)



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