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Ready for Recovery: Tourism’s Workforce Acquires Skills for Safe Reopening

As part of Tourism HR Canada’s desire to support the recovery and resiliency of the tourism workforce throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we made our entire catalogue of Emerit online training free of charge. The goal: to ensure tourism’s dedicated professionals were ready to act as soon as it was possible to begin reopening. The online courses provided safe, easy access to top quality, industry validated material to anyone interested in learning new skills or perfecting current ones.

Thousands of individuals across the country accessed a stunning 13,000 modules to help further their careers, whether to take on new responsibilities as workplaces underwent change or to explore new opportunities as tourism began to recover.

The overwhelming response included testimonials of how the offer had a tangible impact on individuals:

“Thank you for providing these free courses! Since I am on layoff due to COVID-19, I am trying to learn/improve myself as much as I can so that once things get back to normal, I am ready to get back on market. I have just finished Supervisor Essentials—I always avoided this position although I have been invited a couple of times to work as a supervisor. But now I feel more confident to do so! I also completed the Heritage Interpreter course, which was perfect for me as an Activity Coordinator for Via Rail. I develop lots of interpretations and activities for the passengers. So both courses helped a LOT!!!! Thank you Emerit for giving me the chance to invest in myself (from home)!” – Débora Alkimin

“I would like to say thank you for offering your courses for free during these tough times. I am already using the skills I learned in the course at my new management position. ” – Natoma Houston

“Thanks for the opportunity you gave us, Centennial College alumni, to keep on track to our future in the Canadian hospitality industry.” – Alexandre Alencar

Tourism HR Canada would like to thank each and every learner for their commitment to building a stronger tourism sector. We also extend our gratitude to our Emerit partners for their collaboration and support:

  • Yukon Tourism Education Council (YTEC)
  • go2HR
  • Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA)
  • Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC)
  • Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC)
  • Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC)
  • Conseil québécois des ressources humaines en tourisme (CQRHT)
  • Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick (TIANB)
  • Nova Scotia Tourism Human Resource Council (NSTHRC)
  • Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island (TIAPEI)
  • Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador (HNL)

As the country shifts further into recovery and reopening, we are focusing our efforts on resources that will continue to build the sector’s resiliency.

Our free Tourism Workforce Recovery Toolkit is now live, offering tools and checklists to help tourism businesses safely reopen and welcome back visitors and staff.

Additionally, our new Hospitality Essentials microlearning, developed in partnership with the Hotel Association of Canada, is available for free as part of the Destination Employment pilot program.

Emerit courses will remain free of charge until July 31 (and anyone who has added the courses to their Emerit profile will have continued free access until December 31).

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