Destination Employment Opens Doors to Job Opportunities

Destination Employment LogoTourism Saskatchewan, through its education department, the Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC), is a proud partner in the Destination Employment program, which helps newcomers to Canada gain meaningful employment in the tourism sector.

With generous funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Tourism HR Canada and the Hotel Association of Canada launched the three-year pilot program in June 2018. Saskatchewan was among five regions chosen to receive funding for the program. Delivery of the program in Saskatchewan is led by STEC, working with the Saskatchewan Hotel and Hospitality Association (SHHA) and other partners.

Tourism is one of the world’s most rapidly growing sectors. Maintaining an adequate, skilled labour force is a challenge. Estimated growth in tourism between now and 2035 will require the creation of jobs at a faster rate than that of labour force growth, thereby limiting the expansion of the industry and compromising services.

Destination Employment assists hoteliers and accommodation businesses with attracting new employees and retaining valuable staff. The benefits are wide reaching and enrich communities through increased economic activity, greater opportunities for Saskatchewan residents, and a more diverse tourism sector that provides exceptional service.

Delivery partners working with STEC include the Saskatoon and Regina Open Door Societies and the Saskatoon Industry Education Council. Currently, ten Saskatchewan businesses are active employers in Destination Employment. The SHHA plays a role in identifying hotels that wish to participate.

Day 1 of classes for Destination Employment participants in Saskatoon

Fifty-seven individuals, selected by the delivery agencies, recently completed the program. At the end of training, program participants are matched to employers.

By supporting them in areas of language proficiency, workplace safety concepts, and employment-related skills, Destination Employment positions some of Canada’s most vulnerable residents on a pathway to stable employment and job advancement.

“It is a privilege for STEC to lead this initiative in Saskatchewan and work with people from around the world who have come to Canada for a new start,” Carol Lumb, Director of STEC, said. “They bring a wealth of knowledge and skills with them that strengthen Saskatchewan’s tourism sector.”

Click here for more on Destination Employment, including how to apply.

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