LGBT+ Inclusion Training in Kelowna, BC

Showcasing Canada as an Open, Welcoming Destination

Strong Cross-Canada Demand for LGBT+ Inclusion Training

LGBT+ Inclusion Training in Kelowna, BC
LGBT+ Inclusion Training in Kelowna, BC (Image Credit: Dean Nelson, @departuresXdean)

As part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to ensuring Canada is an inclusive travel destination, CGLCC, Canada’s LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Tourism HR Canada, conducted 13 LGBT+ Inclusion Training workshops in the month of March. The training sessions, held from Halifax to Vancouver Island to Yellowknife, were open to any individual in the tourism industry. Each session helped tourism-based businesses learn about LGBT+ inclusion and how to effectively understand, value, and serve LGBT+ customers and employees.

The training consisted of both an online component and a facilitated half-day workshop. The online training focused on LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace, including federal and jurisdictional legislation, and was a precursor to the workshop. The interactive workshop:

  • discussed why safe space is important in the workplace and what it looks like;
  • reviewed the internal and external benefits of LGBT+ inclusive space;
  • introduced new strategies when interacting with LGBT+ employees and customers; and
  • provided an opportunity to put new concepts and learning into practice.

A total of 208 individuals registered for the training. Feedback from the sessions was overwhelmingly positive, with a high level of interest for training coming from other regions across the country.

LGBT Inclusion Training in Kelowna
LGBT+ Inclusion Training in Kelowna, BC (Image Credit: Dean Nelson, @departuresXdean)

In addition to the inclusion training, Tourism HR Canada and CGLCC had the opportunity to promote Canada as an LGBT+ travel destination at ITB, the world’s leading travel trade show. Held in Berlin from March 6th to 10th, CGLCC represented Canada with a booth and distributed a newly created promotional piece specifically for the travel trade. CGLCC representatives also conducted a 30-minute presentation to ITB attendees on LGBT+ tourism in Canada.

Tourism HR Canada and CGLCC are currently examining opportunities to expand the work done and further support Canadian tourism-based businesses and destinations become LGBT+ market-ready.

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