Indigenous Tourism

Tourism Employs People in Every Province and Territory

Tourism HR Canada is making available new data on the tourism labour force in each province and territory in Canada. This data comes from the 2016 census and provides information on the demographics of the tourism labour market, including age, gender, work patterns, immigrant status, and education level.

Across Canada, there were over 1.8 million individuals employed in tourism industries in 2016, ranging from just over a thousand individuals in Nunavut to almost 700,000 individuals in Ontario.

You can search through these new tables to find information on the tourism sector in your region. Some examples:

  • In British Columbia, 13.3% of the employed labour force worked in the tourism sector
  • Immigrants made up 23.5% of workers in Saskatchewan’s tourism sector
  • Almost half of workers in the North West Territories accommodation industry were Indigenous
  • Tourism employed over 62,000 individuals in Manitoba

As a service sector, the individuals who work for us are key to tourism in Canada continuing to grow and thrive. To ensure our sector is not just a destination for tourists, but also a destination for Canadian workers, we must understand who works for us.

These tables present only a portion of the available data—there is also information for 20 census metropolitan areas, for the year 2011, and data can be cross tabulated upon request. For further details email

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