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Emerit Unveils New Train the Trainer Workshop Resources

Emerit’s popular Train the Trainer program has been revamped, incorporating cutting-edge adult learning principles and reflecting the evolving needs of industry and workplace trainers.

The newly released suite of resources includes an Instructor Guide, Participant Manual, and PowerPoint Presentation Deck, all designed to run a two-day workshop to guide employers and supervisors through techniques and tools to train, coach, and mentor staff.

The workshop’s learning objectives are:

  • Identify learning needs and develop subsequent learning objectives
  • Learn and apply the skills associated with professionalism
  • Develop and deliver appropriate training programs applicable to various audiences (experience level, group size, capabilities)
  • Develop skills associated with being a proficient coach and mentor
  • Understand concepts paramount to effective training, such as adult learning principles
  • Become familiar with the importance of professional development as it relates to training practice
  • Understand and implement assessment and evaluation methods

The Instructor Guide outlines the delivery of the Train the Trainer workshop and includes:

  • Key terms to identify special items or topics of interest integral to various points of the workshop or program
  • A section outlining the content and activities that will make up the bulk of the program
  • A section for notes

The PowerPoint Presentation Deck complements the Instructor Guide, and a Train the Trainer Participant Manual allows workshop participants to follow along with the content material and complete exercises, as well as have a reference document to take back to their establishment.

As training is ever-important in almost all industries and occupations, this program is meant to be applicable for a variety of training environments—while developed to reflect the specific needs of the Canadian tourism sector, the workshop is adaptable to other industries.

To access these resources or to learn more about offering the Train the Trainer workshop in your region, please visit

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