Who Works in Tourism

The people who work in the Canadian tourism sector come from many different backgrounds. With more than 400 occupations to choose from, tourism has a position for all sorts of employees, including you!

Are they mostly men or women?

Tourism is an equal opportunity industry; just over 51% of the employees in Canadian tourism identify as women, based on the 2016 census.

How old are they?

People of all ages work in tourism. Approximately 31% of workers in tourism are between 15 and 24 years old, 36% are between 25 and 44 years old, and 33% are 45 years old and older.

What language do they speak?

Close to 27% of people working in tourism speak a first language other than French or English.

Where do they come from?

Slightly more than 28% of people working in tourism were born outside Canada.

What kind of jobs do they have?

Most people work in jobs in the food and beverage services industry group. These jobs include:

  • Cooks
  • Restaurant and food service managers
  • Food counter attendants and kitchen helpers
  • Food and beverage servers

Do they work full-time or part-time?

Many tourism jobs have flexible schedules, and are a good choice for people who attend school or are caregivers for their family. Approximately 37% of workers in the tourism sector work part-time; a third of these only during the tourism season in their area.

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