Global Insights into Service Delivery Perspectives

Presented by Twenty31 and Tourism HR Canada, A Global Survey on Perspectives of Service Delivery and Traveller Priorities explores the delicate balance many tourism businesses are facing as they plan for reopening and recovery in 2022 and beyond: trying to provide safe, appropriately priced tourism experiences while also meeting the service expectations of travellers.

Globally, the tourism sector is facing a massive shortage of trained staff. How aware are travellers of this and how does this impact their travel choices?

The report, partially funded by the Government of Canada, details the results of a recent survey of 800 travel consumers in each of nine key global outbound travel markets for Canadian tourism: Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, UK, and US.

Download the report to access key insights on the following:

  • Global trends and impact of COVID-19
  • Traveller influences
  • Recent travel behaviour
  • Travel ambitions
  • Traveller perspectives on travel service issues post-COVID
  • Perceptions and impact of service delivery in Canada vs. other destinations
  • Impact of familiarity with service issues
  • Country attitudinal profiles
Tourism HR Canada_Workforce Service Survey_Final Report
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