Connecting Newcomers for Ongoing Support and Success

As an extension to the Destination Employment Facebook page, Tourism HR Canada and the Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) recently launched a Facebook group exclusively for individuals who’ve participated in the pan-Canadian Destination Employment program.

This alumni group will serve as a networking platform for program graduates who might want to share their experiences as newcomers to Canada and as Destination Employment participants. Amongst other things, the alumni group will offer regular industry news updates, advise of upcoming training programs to further build employability and language skills, share recruitment opportunities across the regions, and seek to engage mentors for future programs with similar offerings. Organizations and employers who were key to the program’s success will be able to offer ongoing guidance and advice to group members.

As this three-year pilot program wraps up March 31, 2021, the project team believes it will be extremely valuable to have a platform where successful program beneficiaries can interact and support for one another in the world of work, particularly as the hospitality industry begins to recover as vaccines are more widely distributed and travel restrictions are gradually lifted.

To join the Destination Employment Alumni Group, please click here.

For more information on the Destination Employment program, please click here.

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