Watch: Adapting to New Market Realities – Products, Pricing, Placement, Positioning

Adapting to New Market Realities – Products, Pricing, Placement, Positioning, the fourth in a new series of free webinars designed for business owners, operators, and entrepreneurs, is now available for viewing.

With a focus on marketing and communications, this webinar will help small businesses revisit business strategies to align products and services with new and different markets. The session will include tips on developing a sales and marketing plan for new markets.

Watch the Adapting to New Market Realities webinar here.

Download the presentation slides here.

The webinar series features topics from Each one-hour session will include practical information and guidance on how to address issues that will help businesses recover, sustain operations, and be more resilient.

Next in the webinar series:

Workforce Power Session

Wednesday, December 9 – 2:00 PM ET

This webinar will help employers navigate challenging staffing issues, exploring ways to recalibrate the staffing structure, plans to help employees transition back to work or new roles, and best practices to support employees with managing difficult circumstances such as transitioning to different jobs or coping with mental health needs.

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