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MTEC Launches FREE Clean It Right Training Program

The Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC) has officially launched the new Clean It Right online training program, which will be free for tourism, hospitality and retail businesses until June 2021. Tourism HR Canada is pleased to join key players the Manitoba Hotel Association, the Manitoba Restaurant and Food Services Association, Travel Manitoba, Tourism Winnipeg, and the Retail Council of Canada in supporting the program.

Clean it Right is an awareness and education program on enhanced cleaning for establishments, with the short-term goal of regaining consumer confidence in returning to businesses post COVID-19.

The purpose of Clean It Right is not to replace the existing business’s cleaning standards of practice, but to enhance them by:

  • Helping people who work in the industry understand the significance of following the cleaning and disinfection procedures by adjusting current practices
  • Helping re‐gain consumer confidence in the industry by making the commitment to provide a clean and safe environment for customers and employees

A 100% pass rate is required to receive individual certification. Businesses who train all cleaning staff will receive a window decal to display. These businesses will also be recognized as a Certified Clean It Right Business in Travel Manitoba’s 2021 Visitor’s Guide.

“We’re thrilled with the support we’ve received and pleased to launch ahead of schedule to assist businesses as they reopen across the province,” commented Shannon Fontaine, CEO of MTEC. “We’re offering it as an online course, self‐study and as classroom training FREE to industry businesses until June 2021.”

The training is for cleaners, but under the “new normal”, cleaners could never keep up with the scope and frequency required to have a safe and clean business. It is recommended that those who typically are “non-cleaning” staff also take this training.

The Clean It Right program is delivered in three individual modules. Participants can choose from:

  • Hotels, Motels and Bed & Breakfasts Module
  • Restaurants and Food Services Module
  • Retail Businesses Module

Upon passing the Clean It Right program, participants will get a temporary certificate and, within a week, a wallet-sized laminated card will be mailed out.

For full details, please visit the Clean It Right website.

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