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New Training Program Offers Businesses a Competitive Edge

As tourism, hospitality, and retail businesses start to re-open, or open to the public, some customers will be hesitant to travel, shop, and eat out during the post COVID-19 period.

To help these businesses regain consumer confidence in visiting their establishments, the Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC) is launching a new training program later this month, Clean It Right.

“The Clean it Right program has been developed with the goal to increase the safety of guests, visitors and workforce in the tourism, hospitality and retail industry,” explains Shannon Fontaine, MTEC’s CEO. “This training will help people who work in the industry understand the significance of following the cleaning and disinfection procedures by adjusting current practices.”

Clean It Right focuses on enhancing proper cleaning and disinfection or sanitizing areas specific to each type of business, but Fontaine notes it is not a program to teach participants how to be cleaners.

“Clean It Right is an awareness and education program that considers our current situation given COVID-19, but will also be a program that has long term benefits for business,” she adds. “The commitment to providing a clean and safe environment for customers and employees will give a business a competitive edge.”

MTEC is offering the program free of charge to Manitoba businesses in tourism, hospitality, and retail through to June 1, 2021. It can be accessed online, in class, or by self-study. Individuals who complete the program will be issued a certificate, and businesses that train all their cleaning staff will receive a window decal to show the public they are committed to providing a clean and safe environment.

For more information, please contact MTEC.

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