Building the Workforce of the Future

Toronto Focus Group

The Future Skills Framework relies on industry experts to ensure that each and every competency has been validated based on real-life insights from professionals with extensive experience in the field.

We therefore gratefully welcomed ten experts in sustainable tourism to our Ottawa focus group on February 25 and 26. Over the course of two days, every participant was able to provide insights from their unique backgrounds, resulting in major strides forward in the sustainability-related areas of the framework.

To further bolster the work being done, another ten professionals gathered in Toronto on the same dates to apply their extensive knowledge and experience in business management to the Framework. Bringing together decades of experience in senior management across a variety of tourism operations, this group was able to validate all sections they were presented with, which included business planning, project management, and continuous improvement.

Ottawa Focus Group

We would like to thank everyone involved in these groups for the impressive work they did.

If you are a tourism professional with insight into any of these areas and would like to be part of future-proofing the industry’s labour market, we would love to learn a bit more about you so we can reach out when new opportunities to involve you arise!

These sessions contributed towards the FUTURE SKILLS FRAMEWORK, a multi-year project aiming to develop a comprehensive framework to redress the skills and labour mismatches in tourism while aiding job seekers, educators, and governments to better understand the skills and competencies employers are looking for. To learn more about the project, click here.

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