Industry HR Experts Develop Human Capital Pillar of the Future Skills Framework

The first week of November saw 17 industry leaders in the field of human resources travel to Ottawa, in order to inform the pillar of the Future Skills Framework that brings together competencies relating to finding—and keeping—talent within the tourism sector.

Over the course of two days, the participants provided Tourism HR Canada with vital feedback on the current realities facing HR in tourism, as well as upcoming challenges and how these will affect recruitment and retention over the coming years.

Over the course of December, three more focus groups will take place in Vancouver, Toronto, and Halifax—bringing a further wealth of feedback to the framework ahead of the new year.

We will hold further sessions in 2020 to make sure the framework incorporates feedback from across the industry. If you are a tourism professional who would like to be part of future-proofing the industry’s labour market, please join our network of experts by completing this short survey.

This session contributed towards the FUTURE SKILLS FRAMEWORK, a multi-year project aiming to develop a comprehensive framework to redress the skills and labour mismatches in tourism while aiding job seekers, educators, and governments to better understand the skills and competencies employers are looking for. To learn more about the project, click here.

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