Industry Expertise Further Strengthens Future Skills Framework Ahead of November Consultation Session

Tourism stakeholders continue to bring real-world guidance to the Future Skills Framework, a three-year initiative to create a comprehensive and sustainable collection of competencies and essential skills for the tourism sector.

Sixteen industry experts from across Canada gathered in Ottawa, Ontario, on September 24 and 25 for two days of consultation towards content of the framework. Their main goal was to consolidate the framework’s building blocks, ensuring its applicability to the real-life context of tourism operators.

The wealth of experience in the room quickly became evident when those present showed their ability to delve into the details of individual competencies, while condensing the structure of the framework as a whole down to its essentials. A very collaborative atmosphere manifested itself over the course of the two-day meeting.

By making immediate changes to the framework based on consensus in the room, the participants were able to significantly strengthen the framework ahead of an in-depth meeting on the framework’s Professionalism, Excellence in Service Delivery, and Human Capital pillars, which will take place on November 5 and 6 in Ottawa.

This meeting, and similar ones to be held across Canada, will subject the framework to industry input and feedback, while continuing to expand it with emerging skills highlighted by experts.

There are still spaces available at the November session. If you are a tourism professional who would like to be part of future-proofing the industry’s labour market, please do let us know.

To be informed of consultation events in other areas of Canada, please email

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