Exploring Emerging Skills: Future Skills Framework Team Hosts Civility Focus Group

Subject matter experts in the growing field of civility gathered in Toronto earlier this month to share information and explore ideas and needs towards building the Future Skills Framework.

Hosted by Tourism HR Canada and Civility Experts Worldwide Inc., the focus group is part of a process aimed at identifying and building the key competencies that embody a Civility Practitioner.

Over 20 entrepreneurs, trainers, HR professionals, and executives from business and consulting ventures and educational institutions shared their knowledge and experience while discussing ways to:

  • Define ‘Civility Practitioner’ and the scope of a Civility Practitioner
  • Identify key competencies of a Civility Practitioner
  • Identify performance tasks of a Civility Practitioner
  • Identify knowledge requirements specific to a Civility Practitioner

The participants used their significant experience in civility research, training, and application to inform the future of Civility Practitioners. Through group discussion, small group activities, and facilitated storyboarding, they provided input that, along with other supporting research and further consultations, will be consolidated into a set of competencies that will define the role of a Civility Practitioner.

Click here to find out more about the Future Skills Framework—including how to get involved.

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