Tourism HR Canada Signs MOU with Leading Training Institute in India

Don Bosco Technical Institute and Tourism HR Canada Sign MOUOver the next several months, Tourism HR Canada will be working with Don Bosco Technical Institute (DBTI) to explore a long-term business relationship that will see DBTI deliver a series of competency-based training programs and internationally recognized credentials/certifications in India. Tourism HR Canada seeks to help build capacity and ensure quality program delivery, with the aim of DBTI graduates earning a credential commensurate with Canadian standards.

Established in 1971, Don Bosco Technical Institute is a placement-driven skill training institute with over 125 locations across India. Don Bosco is dedicated to upskilling disadvantaged youth, preparing them for meaningful employment and self-realization. DBTI intends to expand on its highly respected and well-established programs by introducing tourism courses and credentials for high-demand employment options. The tourism program is envisioned to prepare youth for employment in tourism in entry-level positions, as well as enable individuals to expand their job and career prospects through advanced occupational streams, and potentially international mobility.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a commitment by both parties to:

  1. Develop a business and feasibility plan aimed at the implementation of a series of tourism courses and credentials for various occupations and functions in all areas of tourism.
  2. Identify a program implementation strategy that will support immediate and short-term goals, as well as long-term interests.
  3. Develop a proposal and work plan to train tourism trainers in India, where qualified Canadian trainers will work with a group of Indian trainers identified by DBTI.
  4. Establish DBTI as an accredited distribution agent for Emerit online programs for the Indian market.

The parties anticipate that the business and feasibility plan will lead to an agreement to establish a formal business partnership. Beyond the MOU, the plan envisions the following activities:

  • Delivery of teacher training in February/March 2019, prior to the April start of India’s academic year
  • Pilot delivery of one to four programs in one or two Don Bosco campuses in the first year, with the intent to scale up with additional programs and campuses thereafter
  • Joint development work that will result in adapted and enhanced programs with input from Indian stakeholders, to ensure the programs reflect Indian work and cultural contexts
  • Seeking funding and possible sponsorship as defined by the business plan, where needed

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