Ready to Work (RTW) delivers a structured transition into the tourism workforce through classroom and workplace training based on emerit National Occupational Standards. Over 11,000 unemployed and underemployed people across Canada have accessed job readiness training and career planning through the Ready to Work internship program.

The program provides participants with the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and experience required for long-term, stable employment in tourism—the world’s fastest growing industry.

Benefits to Participants

  • Increased employability skills and knowledge
  • Transferable certificates such as CPR, WHMIS, responsible alcohol service, and food safety
  • Practical work experience under the guidance of an industry mentor/supervisor
  • Easy access to relevant and current learning materials
  • Greater understanding of job and career opportunities in tourism
  • Increased knowledge of tourism related activities in their community, region and province/territory
  • Heightened awareness of additional resources for ongoing professional development and job attainment opportunities

Benefits to Employers

  • A new employee who has received appropriate training for an entry-level position in the tourism sector
  • emerit training resources to be used for ongoing in-house training of additional staff
  • Attendance in a two-day Train-the-Workplace-Trainer program to assist in-house trainers and supervisors to identify different learning styles and learn appropriate training techniques to ensure training is effective for both the employee and the employer
  • Evaluation tools used to monitor and assess the progress of new employees—these resources will help to improve staff attitudes and performance, boosting the bottom line
  • Opportunity to provide feedback on training resources—this includes involvement in the development and updating of National Occupational Standards, as well as in-house training resources

National Model

The Ready to Work program is flexible in terms of its delivery, allowing it to be tailored to specific needs. However, key elements are administered in every project across Canada, including:

  • Pre-employment classroom training: instructor-led learning, including career planning, transferable skills and occupational-specific technical skills
  • Workplace training: on the job, occupation-specific training from a workplace trainer, plus mentorship and feedback
  • Work placement: participants attain gainful employment in an entry level tourism occupation

RTW Case Study

The Conference Board of Canada conducted case studies looking at programs offered by various national Sector Councils.  One focused on Tourism HR Canada’s Ready to Work program and its impact on employers and employees.

View a copy of the case study (PDF)

Learn More

For more information on the Ready to Work program, contact the Tourism Human Resource Organization in your province or territory and find out how you can get involved. Please note that there is no Ready to Work program currently available in British Columbia.

Check out RTW on the Discover Tourism Facebook page to access the latest tourism and hospitality news and connect with employers and participants from across Canada.