Canada’s census provides the most detailed information available on the people in Canada’s labour force. Tourism HR Canada has analyzed the information and is developing a series of summaries specific to the tourism sector.

These reports include customized census data showing the profile of tourism employees, including:

  • gender
  • age
  • work patterns
  • place of birth
  • mother tongue
  • equity groups
  • school attendance
  • education levels

To download the profiles of interest to you, please click the relevant links below. Current information comes from the 2016 census.

National Summary: Demographic Profile of Tourism Sector Employees


Profile of Indigenous Tourism Workers


Profile of Immigrant Tourism Workers


Accommodations Industry Summary


Food and Beverage Services Industry Summary


Please note that the featured reports are all national in scope. To enquire about provincial or regional level data, please email

Provincial/Territorial: Demographic Profiles of Tourism Sector Employees