Tourism, What Is It Really Like?

When you think about yourself working in the tourism sector, what images come into your mind? Where do we get our expectations? Everywhere we turn, we see images of the tourism sector. TV, movies, radio, books – all of these show people working in hotels, in restaurants, in cabs, in airplanes, on cruise ships and more. Sometimes these pictures are realistic; often they aren’t. Real or not, they influence our expectations about what it would be like to work in the sector.

Most of us have eaten in restaurants, taken buses or experienced the services of other tourism businesses. We may think we know what it would be like to work in these places. Unless we’re there all day and behind the scenes, though, we cannot know what it’s really like.

How realistic are your expectations? Answer the questions and find out.

This questionnaire contains 15 questions and may take about 10 minutes to complete.


You will be presented with a series of statements about the tourism sector. Select Yes if you agree with the statement and No if you disagree.

Fill out this questionnaire as openly and as honestly as you can. Remember, you want to get a realistic picture of yourself. Nobody has to see this except you.

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