Tourism Workforce Recovery Toolkit

As Canada’s national HR organization working for the tourism sector, our goal is to provide the knowledge and tools to help tourism operators and their teams rebound from the crisis and build a resilient workforce.

We’ve launched the COVID-19 Tourism Workforce Recovery Toolkit, a practical, no-cost, web-based program that includes tools, downloadable content, and presentations, all designed to give tourism operators the knowledge resources they need to rebound and succeed.

The Tourism Workforce Recovery Toolkit includes five modules:

  • Workforce/HR
  • Communications
  • Budget & Finance
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Planning

Delivering guidance and instructions for best practices, the contents of the toolkit were developed based on a series of in-depth interviews conducted with SMEs nationwide to understand their needs as the country rebounds from the impact of the pandemic. Each module provides businesses with a roadmap containing actionable tools and tips for implementation, linked to two key themes:

  • Plan: Design and establish policies, procedures and plans for major business and societal disruptions
  • Respond: Navigate new pressures and address critical questions at the onset of a major disruption; enable rapid response and decision-making to prioritize effectively

The toolkit will be updated regularly with new content to reflect the latest information and market changes. We are partnered with numerous agencies and associations to share tools and resources across platforms to better serve the tourism community. The toolkit content aligns with industry-specific resources from key oversight organizations.

Access the Tourism Workforce Recovery Toolkit

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