Free Manager Workshops Available for It’s Your Shift

Since It’s Your Shift launched in the fall of 2017, more than 4,000 tourism and hospitality workers have participated in this training to combat sexual harassment and violence in hospitality operations in Ontario.

While the four modules for employees and one for managers are available online, the accompanying Manager Workshop and Manager Toolkit were developed to encourage in-person training and discussion. These resources will guide owners/operators through providing managerial staff with additional resources, techniques, and templates that will assist them in implementing and maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for employees and guests alike.

The Manager Workshop can be accessed free of charge here; it includes a Facilitator Guide, Participant Guide, and a comprehensive Powerpoint presentation to help managers learn the best way to integrate and sustain some of the guiding principles and practices presented in the training.

This flexible workshop can be administered before or after a business has had its employees register or engage in the It’s Your Shift online program. It offers managers a range of supports that can be planned and implemented no matter what the status of training of staff going through the online modules.

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