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Tourism Labour Action Plan for 2018

Annually, Tourism HR Canada brings together 60 or more industry representatives from across Canada from all tourism sectors.

This year’s event was held in Ottawa in March, with the heads of national associations, employers, academia, senior representatives from the provincial/territorial tourism human resource organizations, various interest groups, and government officials participating in two days focused on discussing prevailing tourism labour market issues.

The key outcomes and identified priorities of the Forum are used to inform a ‘Tourism Labour Action Plan’.

Four priority action items were identified for 2018. We delve into each below, and will of course provide regular updates though HR Insider and our website.

Action Item #1: Reinforce value proposition beyond economic benefits, with a focus on social capital and cohesion, and promotion of multiculturalism and Canadian identity.

Action Item #2: Improve coordination on labour market research and analysis, building on existing initiatives and avoiding duplication.

Action Item #3: Reinforce the priority of the development and engagement of an Indigenous workforce; focus on seeking resources to launch a comprehensive strategy.

Action Item #4: Develop more strategies to inform policy and programs aimed at helping the sector address labour market shortages.

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