New Memorandum of Understanding with TIAC Signals Growing Partnership

Earlier this month, the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) and Tourism HR Canada (THRC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that leverages the strengths of both national organizations to better meet the needs of tourism operators and employers across the country.

TIAC brings its proven track record as a strong advocate of Canadian tourism businesses, promoting and supporting policies, programs, and activities that lead to sectoral growth, development, and global competitiveness.

THRC brings 25 years’ expertise on labour market research, training, and credentialing, supplying tourism businesses with the resources and analyses to plan for and overcome HR challenges.

While the two national bodies have worked closely together for over two decades, this MOU formalizes some existing practices and offers new reciprocal activities.

A key component of the agreement sees the two organizations presenting an integrated approach in disseminating crucial labour market data to as broad a tourism audience as possible. Look for:

  • coordinated messaging to all stakeholders
  • co-branded research and labour market data distributed to both organizations’ audiences

Additionally, TIAC members will now have free access to labour market summary reports, as well as a 20% discount on the fee to access THRC’s Rapid ReSearch platform and Emerit training and certification products, all available through THRC’s learning management system,

Tourism HR Canada will benefit from the large audience and distribution network that TIAC has grown, allowing greater dissemination of timely, accurate, and critically important labour market information needed by all tourism operators in Canada.

Both organizations will continue to seek innovative ways to support one another, all the while making sure they are collectively providing Canada’s tourism sector with the resources, advocacy, and shared vision to foster growth.

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