Tourism Recovery Webinar Series was launched by Tourism HR Canada in June to help the sector respond to the COVID-19 crisis by providing timely information and practical tools at no cost. Tourism businesses requested webinars to help guide them through some of the big topics.

Designed for business owners, operators, and entrepreneurs, the webinar series features topics from

Each one-hour session includes practical information and guidance on how to address issues that will help businesses recover, sustain operations, and be more resilient.

Webinar 1: Strategic Planning for Business Continuity

This business strategy webinar will look at a framework to help small businesses seek guidance on managing through the COVID crisis to help ensure they can survive, and to be sure they can adapt to new business realities.

(This webinar was recorded October 14, 2020.)

Webinar 2: Considering and Creating New Revenue Strategies

Budgeting and finance concerns are top-of-mind for most businesses as they struggle to keep their doors open. This webinar will look at financial measures to help small businesses survive and build resilience and includes tips on managing cash flow during lean times.

(This webinar was recorded October 28, 2020.)

Webinar 3: Building Strategic Community Partnerships

Tourism’s revival and growth is dependent on the ability of tourism businesses to engage in community-led strategies. This webinar looks at how to harness resources to create a destination that is ready and willing to accept visitors, including tips on building consumer confidence to bolster the efforts made by tourism businesses to be safe and welcoming.

(This webinar was recorded November 10, 2020.)

Webinar 4: Adapting to New Market Realities - Products, Pricing, Placement, Positioning

With a focus on marketing and communications, this webinar will help small businesses revisit business strategies to align products and services with new and different markets. The session will include tips on developing a sales and marketing plan for new markets.

(This webinar was recorded November 24, 2020.)

Webinar 5: Workforce Power Session

This webinar will help employers navigate challenging staffing issues, exploring ways to recalibrate the staffing structure, plans to help employees transition back to work or new roles, and best practices to support employees with managing difficult circumstances such as transitioning to different jobs or coping with mental health needs.

(This webinar was recorded December 9, 2020.)

Tourism Workforce Webinar Series

These webinars provide an overview of our labour market information, tourism workforce data, and additional tools to help a variety of tourism stakeholders with navigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and preparing for a strong recovery.

Workforce Shortfall - And What It Takes to Restart Canada’s Tourism Workforce

Tourism HR Canada has been tracking the impacts of COVID on the tourism workforce, and the fallout on GDP and consumer confidence. Other research in collaboration with the Conference Board of Canada focuses on labour projections: by sector, by region, and more.

Tourism is facing staggering employment losses that far exceed the overall economy, and projections suggest these losses will hamper the sector’s ability to rebound and recover from COVID.

Join Tourism HR Canada’s President and CEO Philip Mondor and VP, Labour Market Intelligence, Calum MacDonald for the most up-to-date data on workforce trends, what to anticipate for labour challenges over the next year, and recommendations on policies and programs to help the sector restart its workforce.

(This webinar was recorded January 15, 2021.)

Growth, Interrupted: Navigating COVID’s shock to Canada’s tourism workforce

Join Tourism HR Canada President and CEO Philip Mondor for this one-hour webinar sharing insights into the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on the tourism workforce.

In early 2020, Canada was on track to employ 2.2 million people in its tourism sector. Where are we six months into the COVID crisis? And what is the outlook as peak tourist season comes to a close?

With a focus on labour-related challenges and opportunities key to the return of a strong and resilient tourism economy, this webinar will explore the customized, reliable labour data essential for making informed decisions on a pillar of Canada’s economy.

Viewers will gain access to the latest labour market intelligence, as well as actionable advice on how to apply the content most relevant to their recovery needs.

(This webinar was recorded September 28, 2020.)

From Recovery to Resilience: How tourism operators can learn, grow and thrive post-pandemic

Hosted by Tourism HR Canada President and CEO Philip Mondor, this one-hour webinar provides guidance, support, and practical tools to the 200,000 tourism operators across the country devastated by the impacts of COVID-19.

With a focus on labour-related challenges and opportunities key to moving from recovery to renewed growth and innovation, this webinar also launches the free web-based Tourism Workforce Recovery Toolkit.

The session introduces participants to crucial features in the Toolkit as well as actionable advice on how to implement the content most relevant to their recovery needs.

(This webinar was recorded June 24, 2020.)

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