The swiftly evolving response to the current coronavirus pandemic is impacting Canada’s tourism sector in multiple ways.

Tourism HR Canada is actively monitoring multiple sources to ensure ongoing and relevant support for tourism stakeholders, particularly employees, employers, and businesses.

The risk COVID-19 poses is changing daily. The health and safety of everyone is of utmost priority. Staying on top of the latest recommendations from health authorities is crucial.

Additional questions surround how to overcome a decline in business as travel restrictions are imposed and individuals self-isolate or use social distancing, and what this means to employees who are also navigating closures and cancellations in their personal lives.

Below, we have gathered some guidance and a series of resources to help all tourism stakeholders stay healthy, communicate clearly, and mitigate the effects as Canada takes action to slow the spread of the virus. As we will endeavor to update the site as new resources become available, we recommend bookmarking these resources and checking back routinely.


  • Review emergency and contingency plans, particularly in the event of many staff being away from work
  • Examine all policies regarding sick leave, working remotely, and caring for family members
  • Explore workplace hygiene practices
  • Identify and fix any gaps; consider updates to reflect the current pandemic
  • Update travel policies as per government advice
  • Collect resources from government health authorities


  • Create a central information hub and update it regularly
  • Post flyers and/or send emails with resources from public health authorities
  • Communicate work from home and leave policies
  • Explain any changes to travel, meetings, and events policies


  • Soap
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Tissues
  • Clear, visual and written instructions on hygiene—hand washing, cleaning the workplace, etc.


  • Encourage anyone not feeling well to stay home
  • If possible, be flexible with hours or offer the opportunity to work remotely
  • Cross-train staff so more than one person can take on tasks (we’re offering Emerit training free of charge)
  • Designate a point of contact for any questions or concerns (and make sure they are equipped for the role!)
  • Provide alternatives for employees at increased risk, such working on tasks away from the public
  • Offer mental health resources

National Health Authority Resources

Mental Health Resources

As we are all forced to deal with sudden, unprecedented disruptions, some of us may be feeling anxious, worried, and even scared. Below is a list of national resources that can be of assistance in helping to manage the stress around the COVID-19 situation:

Provincial/Territorial Health Authority Resources

Industry Resources

Business Resources

Federal Support for Businesses, Employers, and Entrepreneurs

The Government of Canada has:

Federal Support for Individuals and Employees

The Government of Canada has:

Travel Advice