Annual Labour Market Forum: Elevating Discussions on Urgent Labour Market Issues

This March, Tourism HR Canada will host tourism and hospitality stakeholders from across Canada, seeking their input, ideas and strategic advice on current and emerging labour market issues. Made possible by funding from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), associations, employers, academia, and government representatives will have frank discussions on urgent labour market issues and …

Policy and Perspective: Responses to Minimum Wage Increases

Current and coming increases to minimum wages in Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, and the Northwest Territories have created no end of controversy or press coverage. Depending on the source, the predicted effects of the increases range from massive job losses as employers struggle with the higher costs, to an economic boost created by minimum-wage earners spending …

Want to Know a Secret? You May be Working in Tourism

While over 10% of the Canadian workforce is considered employed tourism-related occupations, the vast majority of these people have little idea of the key role they play with visitors to Canada. There has long been a debate in the sector as to whether the term “tourism” is clearly understood when it comes to which jobs …

Canadian Tourism Employment Monthly Snapshot – December 2017

(seasonally unadjusted) In December 2017, the unemployment rate1 in the tourism sector was 5.0%, which is 1.5% lower than the rate reported in December 2016, and lower than the previous month (November 2017), when the unemployment rate stood at 5.2%. At 5.0%, tourism’s unemployment rate was below Canada’s seasonally unadjusted unemployment rate of 5.3%. All …

Forging a Successful Career Begins in Tourism

The tourism sector is widely regarded as a place where young people can make their first foray into the working world. Most consider how its entry-level options and flexible hours accommodate students’ schedules. Tourism offers far more than that, however: it is a place to learn important skills that will help individuals in any career …

Resources & Updates on COVID-19

We have gathered some guidance and a series of resources to help all tourism stakeholders stay healthy, communicate clearly, and mitigate the effects as Canada takes action to slow the spread of the virus.

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Centre de ressources

Nous avons rassemblé quelques conseils et une série de ressources pour aider tous les intervenants du secteur du tourisme à rester en bonne santé, à communiquer clairement et à atténuer les effets des mesures prises par le Canada pour ralentir la propagation du virus.

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