If you want to attract, recruit, and retain skilled workers for peak performance in your workplace, you need to know that your compensation package is competitive. The Canadian Tourism Sector Compensation Study provides a wealth of information on wage rates by region and industry.

The Tourism Sector Compensation Study is a survey of all tourism employers in Canada (excluding transportation services). This survey was conducted nationally every two years between 2006 and 2012 and is now being updated for 2018.

Once complete, tourism stakeholders will have access to the latest information on human resource practices, salary ranges, average earnings, benefits, and commissions from a range of tourism businesses and organizations from across Canada.

The survey collects information on:

  • Demographic information from the participating businesses
  • Information on human resource policies
  • Salary administration practices (e.g., use of gratuities, bonuses and incentives)
  • Benefit programs and working arrangements
  • Impacts of increased minimum wage
  • Other organizational challenges
Piggy Bank

The upcoming Canadian Tourism Compensation Study report will include salary and wage data for 30 tourism occupations by industry and region, as well as information on the benefits and incentives offered to tourism employees and on the effects of minimum wage increases. This valuable analysis will facilitate your understanding of the labour market, allowing you to assess how competitive your compensation package is.

The 2018 Canadian Tourism Sector Compensation Study survey is now closed. Thank you to all who participated. New information will be available soon.

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