What are valid parts of a vine?

What is a characteristic of “terroir?”

What is the essential difference between the vinification process for all red and white wines?

What is the name of the process of turning bottles of sparkling wine so the sediment falls into the necks of the bottles?

Which of the following wines is “aromatized?”

Michelle is a winemaker who specializes in producing award winning Canadian ice wines. At what temperatures can Michelle harvesting and press her Vidal grapes?

The effects of Botrytis Cinerea result in what style of wine?

James, a wine server, is drinking a white wine that he claims reminds him of “gooseberries.” Assuming James’ palate is accurate, he is mostly likely drinking a wine made from what grape variety?

What is the driest of the sparkling wines?

What French wine production region is most famous for producing Gewürztraminers?

Which of the following wines is an example of a Grand Cru from Burgundy?

What red grape variety is permitted in the production of Champagne?

The Loire Valley is noted for which of the following white wine varietals?

The grape varietal “Nebbiolo” is grown in which of the following Italian wine production regions?

In what decade did quality wine development begin in Canada?

What is one of the risks involved in the production of Canadian icewine?

What was Canada’s first commercial wine growing region?

What major wine producing country has yet to develop a national appellation system?

What wine region produces 60% of all Australian wine?

What Australian wine production region benefits from the moderating effects of the Indian Ocean?

Clergy from which country established California’s vineyards 200 years ago?

Prohibition in the United States occurred during what 14-year period?

What is a subregion of California’s South Coast wine producing region?

California’s Central Coast wine producing region is most noted for what red grape varietal?

What is the oldest wine producing region in North America?

What is the major red grape variety in Oregon wine production?

Which country has the largest area under vine in the world?

To what, does the term “Solera” refer?

What wine production region produces virtually all Spanish sparkling wines?

Monica, a wine server, is assisting a couple that wish to try a high quality German wine. What type of wine could Monica suggest?

What are the defining characteristics of wines from Germany’s Mosel-Saar-Ruwer region?

What red grape variety is often associated with South African wine production?

What is the correct temperature for serving a bottle of Late Bottled Vintage Port?

Heather, a wine server, is part of a catering team working on a large outdoor event featuring barbequed hamburgers, sausages and other grilled meats. Which of the following wines should Heather suggest to complement this menu?

Jeffrey, a wine server, works in a restaurant that specializes in spicy Szechwan cuisine. What type of wines would Jeffrey likely recommend to many diners at this restaurant?